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Beech Wood Coat Hooks / Knobs

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Our wooden wall mounted coat hooks, hangers and knobs are made from solid beech wood  with a choice of different finishes such as brass, copper or aluminium. The wooden wall mounted coat hooks can be combined with a natural leather strap that can be used to hang a scarf, plaid or even your plant hanging pots and magazines. Additionally the coat hooks can be used as a knob as extra bolts are provided to fix the wood knobs to dressers, kitchen cupboards, doors, drawers, etc. All our wooden hooks, hangers and knobs are available in diameter 5cm or 6cm diameter and can be bought individually or in a discounted set of 2 or set of 3. The collection of coat hooks, hanger and knobs have a modern en trendy appearance to suit any modern design interior. The hooks have a minimal feel to them yet a warm finish due to the use of the natural light coloured beech wood. To create a more exclusive style in your interior decor you can choose the wooden coat hanger and knobs from the collection that are finished with golden coloured messing, classy coper or industrial aluminium. All the beech woorden coat hook and knobs can be used individually or mixed together for the end user to create their own personal design style in their contemporary interior. The coat hooks are perfect to finish of any room in your home as the hooks will become part of your design decor. The wood coat hangers will make great eye-catchers in your hall way, entrance way, living room, bedroom or any other room in your house. The coat hooks are also a great solution for any baby, kids or children room as they can hang different interior and fashion accessories in style.