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Cotton Canvas Tote Bags with Zipper and Leather Straps

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Cotton Canvas Tote Bags with Zipper and Leather Straps

Discover our collection of canvas tote bags with zipper and leather straps. Or go for the full canvas version, which has a magnet closing and interior pocket with zipper. These tote bags are designed in house by 5mm Paper and were created from our own need for a strong and durable tote bag. Women love tote bags as they are easy to take to work or when you go out. Often tote bags are a single layered thin cotton bag which doesn't last very long. Therefor we decided to develop a strong and durable tote bag that is of very good quality and will last over time. Our tote bags are big and designer in the style of a shopper handbag. The strong cotton canvas that is used for our tote bags is a very think heavy duty canvas fabric. The inside of the tote bag is a softer cotton lining. Apart from a zipper our canvas tote bags also have an inside pocket. This makes it easy to find back your keys, phone and other small belongings that easily get lost inside your bag. The inside pocket of our canvas tote bags are sewed onto the cotton lining and is 20 x 15 cm in size. The zipper of the canvas tote bags is a gold coloured zipper and has a genuine leather light brown zipper lip, making it easy to open and close the bag. Our design tote bags are available in colours black lines, ash blue linesmint green lines and black mikado pattern.

Tote Bags with Zipper for Work

Tote bags are very popular these days and cannot be missing from the wardrobe of any fashionable woman. Our canvas tote bags are also very suitable for work. Tote bags are practical and affordable and often available in many different trendy designs. Our canvas tote bags have a zipper, for extra convenience. The trendy tote bags are big enough to fit a laptop as well as all your other belongings. The fact that you can fit a laptop in the tote bag makes it a great handbag women to take to work. The graphic grid design of the bags give the cotton tote bags quite a minimalist style, making them kind of business proof tote bags. The straps are made from a great quality genuine leather and is finished with golden rivets, this gives the tote bag more of an exclusive style, the perfect office tote bag. 

Cotton Canvas and Leather Straps Tote

Canvas and leather is a trendy combination of materials. Our canvas and leather totes have genuine leather straps which are light brown coloured. The leather is a natural colour, meaning the leather straps are not darkened or dyed. The straps have a natural colour and the leather darkens naturally over time. The light brown natural looking leather has a soft feel and is in very nice contrast with the natural cotton canvas. All the natural materials give the tote bag a very soft and elegant style yet is very modern as the lines give the tote bag a minimalist and trendy look. The stripes or grid design lines are screen printed onto the bag and work well with the leather features of the tote bag.

Questions about your canvas tote bag?

In case you have any questions about our canvas tote bags feel free to contact us and we will be very happy to help you further. You can also call us any time, our phone number is +31630343118