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Terrazzo is the new Marble | Discover Our Terrazzo Posters

Yes, it true, we also got the terrazzo fever. For a while terrazzo has been spoken of as the new marble. We love the beautiful patterns and modern yet natural appearance of terrazzo. Terrazzo is widely seen in the world of interior and even fashion design where we have seen the patterns being used on fabrics. But what do we really know about terrazzo apart from the fact we know we love the unique patterns? In this blog post we will tell you all you need to know about terrazzo, and also explain the story and inspiration behind our own Terrazzo Poster Collection.

terrazzo pattern design poster interior wall decoration

Terrazzo is originates from Italy and means terrace in Italian. Currently terrazzo has quite a luxury feel to it, however terrazzo was invented about 500 years ago as a cheap flooring solution. Back in the days marble was the preferred choice, but wasn't affordable for everyone. Crafts workmen started to experiment to find a cheaper solution and started experimenting with using left over scraps of marble and gave them a second life. Terrazzo is made by mixing these left over pieces of marble into a cement or clay. After the cement has dried up the floor will be finished through polishing which exposes a truly unique pattern of stones of different colours and sizes. By using smaller or bigger stones and different colours of marble, the final result can be very different between different terrazzo stone application. Originally terrazzo was mainly made from left over pieces of marble. These days designers and artists are also experimenting with different materials such as quartz, granite, recycled glass, porcelain, concrete, and metal aggregates. 


In the world of modern contemporary interior design terrazzo has made a come back. And we think it is here to stay for a long time. Going hand in hand with a raising popularity of pattern decor, terrazzo gives you several different possibilities to home decoration and to add colour in original shapes. As terrazzo is coming from a time where is was anything but exclusive, you might find it hard to imagine it has a place in a design interior. You might know terrazzo from the floor in your local train station, or the ancient basic kitchen in your grandmother house. But as many materials and styles from the past will come back at some point, so did terrazzo. By modern designers dated materials have been reinterpreted in a modern way, giving it a complete transformation into a modern design product. In the example of terrazzo designers used techniques typically used in dull public spaces, and reimagine them in contemporary design homes so you see them in a completely new light. 

These days terrazzo can be found back in many different ways. It is used in interior design, for example bathroom floors, kitchen tops, coffee tables and even chairs. But where back in the days terrazzo was mainly applied as a flooring solution or other surfaces, the modern terrazzo patterns can have many outcomes. Smaller home decor products such as coasters, trays, cushions, storage boxes and so on are available with different types of beautiful terrazzo patterns. Even the world of fashion design did not stay behind, jewellery made of terrazzo stone is growing in popularity and terrazzo pattern are used to print on fabrics to use for bags and other fashion accessories. 

geometric-poster-art-minimal-graphic-print-terrazzo-patternWe are in love with the beautiful patterns of terrazzo stone. So we decided to create a collection of contemporary design prints with photographs of real terrazzo stone integrated. We used pictures of real terrazzo stone and combined them with modern graphic artwork. In our collection of Terrazzo Posters the terrazzo stone is the star of the artwork. The texture and different patterns are in contrast with the minimal graphic artwork, which results in a very unique piece of wall decoration. We wanted to experiment by adding something natural to a minimal artwork, with a surprisingly unique result. Our posters will suit any modern contemporary design interior. We currently have six posters available in the collection but are working on more which will soon be added to the collection. In the collection you will find several posters that show a black, white and mint green terrazzo stone pattern combined with minimal black graphic shapes. We also have a full black and white poster for a minimal look. Last but not least we offer some geometric design posters with simple shades of grey. Of course you will be able to shop the full collection online. All posters are available in size A3 and A4.